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Workshop on How to Review Research Proposals

Training Date:16th October, 2017 To 17th October, 2017
Training Location: Institute of Health Sciences Al Watyah
Training Time: 7:30-2:00
Training Language: English
Training Audience: Central and regional research committee members

Aim of the workshop:
      To strengthen the national capacity to follow the internationally accepted standards in reviewing research proposals to ensure the quality and sustainability of health research system.
    Objectives of the workshop:
      • To Exhibit required skills to critique / appraise research proposals through exposure to different strategies used in the evaluation of different study designs.
      • To build the capacity in reviewing research proposal through exposure to real examples of research proposals reviewing challenges.
      • To ensure accurate reviewing and decision making by gaining skills to deal with common mistakes encountered by reviewers.
      • To familiarize the participants with reviewing research proposals through the Ministry of Health-Centre of Studies and Research (MoH-CSR) online research proposal submission module and MoH-CSR research proposal forms, by providing simulated reviewing experience through the online module.