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Research Methodology Workshop 2017

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A three-day course was conducted from 4 to 6 April 2017 to prepare candidates on basic concepts of research methodology. The workshop was organized by studies and research department in collaboration with Centre of Studies and Research (CSR) at Directorate General of Planning and Studies. The program of workshop was developed by Department of Studies and Research, Al-Buraimi and reviewed by Dr. Ahmed Al Qasmi and Dr. Adhra Al Mawali, with constructive feedback received to finalize the program. The core objective of the workshop was to equip the researchers with set of skills and potentiality to undertake the research very effectively in clinical studies.

This workshop was designed to direct health research in the Al-Buraimi governorate towards health research priorities that have been set by Ministry of Health (MoH) and direct researchers through all the stages of research from identifying a research problem to submission of research proposal. The course dealt with a variety of quantitative research methods used in clinical research. It gave more exposure to clinical trials and its regulation and guidelines of conduct in Oman. It also gave exposure to writing statistical analysis plans that match with the research question and study objectives and how to calculate the optimal sample size. The workshop consisted of both theory and practice.

The end of program saw the participants  develop their conceptual clarity and practical knowledge to undertake quality research and writing good research proposal.


Research Methodology Workshop: Training Report