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List of Non-Funded Research

S.no. Research Title Principal Investigator Location/ Institute of PI Population Study Area Study Design Date View Summery
1 the relationship between criminal behavior and Personality trait among adults patients admitted to a secure forensic unit in a tertiary psychiatric hospital in Oman. Yasir Karkosh (psychiatrist) Muscat / Al massara Hoapital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 20, 2023 View Summary 
2 Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Oman: Predictive Models Sulaiman Salim Said Al Mashrafi (Director of information and Statistics ) MoH Headquarters / Ministry of Health National Mixed/Multiple Decision July 16, 2023 View Summary 
3 Association of Sleep Quality and Patterns with Cardiovascular Risk among Omani adults attending health centres in Muscat governorate Abdulhameed Al-Siyabi (Resident doctor) Muscat / Oman medical speciality board Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative June 18, 2023 View Summary 
4 Job Satisfaction and Job Performance among Academic Staff Members of Oman College of Health Sciences: Basis for Strategic Planning Doryl Sequena Cabiao (Assistant Science Tutor) DGHRD REC / Oman College of Health Sciences - Foundation Programme National Non - Clinical Qualitative October 4, 2021 View Summary 
5 Expanding the midwife’s role in screening for gestational diabetes in primary health care in Oman Aisha Salim Al-Mamari (Tutor/ PhD student) MoH Headquarters / School of Health Sciences/ Cardiff University Muscat Mixed/Multiple Decision April 18, 2016 View Summary 
6 Factors associated with midwives’ expectations and job satisfaction at Primary Healthcare Institutions in Oman Dr Aisha Salim Al Mamari (Senior Tutor) Muscat / Higher Institute of Health Specialties Muscat Qualitative June 22, 2023 View Summary 
7 The association between Gestational diabetes and postpartum depression among Omani women Hend Al Obeidani (Family medicine resident ) Muscat / Oman Medical Speciality board Muscat Cohort March 16, 2023 View Summary 
8 Incidence of HPV- associated head and neck squamous cell carcinoma at a tertiary care center – retrospective analysis over 5 years. Shaimaa Musallam Said Al Saidi (Resident) Khoula Hospital / Khoula hospital Khoula Hospital Non - Clinical Qualitative January 16, 2023 View Summary 
9 An overview of Autoinflammatory Diseases in Oman: A single center experience (Royal Hospital) Ruqaiya Al Jashmi (Paediatric Rheumatologist) The Royal Hospital / Royal Hospital Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative April 3, 2023 View Summary 
10 Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Competency for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice among Healthcare Professionals in Oman Dr. Judie Arulappan (Associate Professor ) National / Sultan Qaboos University National Non - Clinical Qualitative August 13, 2023 View Summary 
11 Investigating the impact of oral Isotretinoin Medication on Liver function and Cholesterol level: A Retrospective Study WEAAM SAID AWADH AL YAQOUBI (Student) Al-Dhahira / Nizwa University Al-Dhahira Non - Clinical Qualitative July 11, 2023 View Summary 
12 The burden of caregiver of bed bound patients and factors affecting it in Muscat, Oman Dr. Rawan AL abdulsalam (Family medicine resident) Muscat / ministry of health Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative April 11, 2023 View Summary 
13 Perception of healthcare workers on Communicable Diseases disease surveillance and Notification system (Tarassud) in South Batinah region, Sultanate of Oman. Khalid Aldhuhli (Medical Officer A) South Batinah / King Saud Uinversity South Batinah Non - Clinical Qualitative January 16, 2022 View Summary 
14 Prevalence, Predictors and Coping Strategies on Stress and Anxiety Among Nurses Working in Emergency Room at Nizwa, Ibra and Ibri Hospitals MOHAMMED AL-HASHEMI (Staff Nurse, Nizwa Hospital (staff no. 67430)) Al-Dhakiliyah / Nizwa Hospital Multi-regional Mixed/Multiple Decision December 25, 2022 View Summary 
15 Investigation the impact of clinical pharmacist-led discharge counselling on the 30-day readmission rate of patients with heart failure in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital: a single-centre non-randomized interventional cohort. Sameh (Pharmacist ) Al-Dhahira / Ibri Polyclinic Muscat Clinical Trial July 1, 2022 View Summary 
16 Investigating ‘oozing Phenomenon’ for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus in blood culture samples: a prospective observational study Mohammed Al Shuhoumi () Al-Dhahira / Ibri regional hospital Al-Dhahira Non - Clinical Qualitative February 11, 2023 View Summary 
17 MDRO prevalence: large scale retrospective study of almost 6-years’ experience from a secondary health institution Mohammed Abdullah Al Shuhoumi (Lab technologist ) Al-Dhahira / Ibri regional hospital Al-Dhahira Non - Clinical Qualitative July 30, 2022 View Summary 
18 Absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) as a productive value for CD4 count from the simplest test complete blood count (CBC) for the Omani population Mohammed Al Shuhoumi () Al-Dhahira / Ibri regional hospital Al-Dhahira Non - Clinical Qualitative February 11, 2023 View Summary 
19 Patients’ knowledge and attitude on the Impact of Exercise in Alleviating Diabetic Foot Ulcers at Early Stage among Omani patients with Diacetates mellitus in Nizwa polyclinic. Taif Fraih Al-Badi (Nursing student) Al-Dhakiliyah / University of Nizwa Muscat Non - Clinical Qualitative March 13, 2023 View Summary 
20 Nurses knowledge on blood transfusion in Oman: implication for patient safety Harith AL Abri (Clinical instructor) The Royal Hospital / Royal hospital National Non - Clinical Qualitative April 3, 2023 View Summary